Meet Panda

Meet Panda Children's Book Series 

Follow the adventures of Panda through these heartwarming children's books.

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Now available on! You can also go to your local Barnes and Noble store and purchase a copy of either title and they'll ship it within 5-8 days!

Follow the sweet story of Panda as she finds a home and friendship with her new owner Sophie.

"What a powerful way to change hearts and minds."      

-Mariann Sullivan, Our Hen House

"A local author promotes pit bull advocation through a heartwarming children's book."

-Shelby Purvis, Encore Magazine

About the Book

A 22 page, full color hardback children's book. 

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Panda's First Christmas (second book in the Meet Panda series) is now available!

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Meet Panda is available! You can purchase it here . Buy your copy now to ensure your child is one of the first one's to Meet Panda! You can also purchase the second book in the Meet Panda series, Panda's First Christmas.

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It was never an intention of mine to become a children's book author & illustrator. In December of 2008 I rescued an eight week old pit bull puppy that I proceeded to name Panda. When I rescued Panda she had endured such horrible abuse that all of her legs were crooked and she couldn't walk straight. Over the next few years, observing Panda's wonderfully unique personality coupled with her ability to give so much unconditional love (even despite her early puphood abuse), the idea was born and so was the Meet Panda Children's Book Series. Now Panda receives appearance/book signing requests across the nation and touches the lives of all of all of those around her one kiss at a time. 

Meet Panda is a children's book suited for dog and pit bull lovers of all ages!